MSMHS Learning Expectations Rubrics

Our Core Values Statement:

The Marine Science Magnet High School is a safe, respectful, and nurturing environment. The MSMHS Family believes that effort creates ability and that all students can succeed. Our learning community is committeed to innovative instruction that promotes effort and ensures academic rigor through a curriculum responsive to our diverse student body. Furthermore, the MSMHS community collaborates with all members to prepare students for post-secondary education by supporting the personal, academic, and career goals of every student. MSMHS inspires students to develop the mindset and character needed to be active stewards of the ocean and contributing citizens in a global community.

The Marine Science Magnet High School community has identified the following learning expectations for all students:

Literacy (rubric)

Students will write effectively for a variety of purposes.

Accountable Talk (rubric)

Students will speak effectively with a variety of audiences in an accountable manner.

Problem Solving (rubric)

Students will make decisions and solve problems independently and collaboratively.

Scientific Research (rubric)

Students will apply scientific knowledge and concepts to a variety of investigative tasks.

Civic and Social Responsibiity (rubric)

Students will contribute to a positive learning environment with respect and responsibiity.