Mission Statement  


The Marine Science Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut is a safe, respectful and nurturing environment. Our professional learning community is committed to 21st century instruction that promotes effort and ensures academic rigor through a challenging curriculum responsive to the diverse interests of a broad spectrum of students. Furthermore, MSMHS collaborates with all stakeholders to prepare students for higher education and/or marine-related employment by supporting the personal, academic and career goals of every student. We believe that effort creates ability and that all students will succeed. We provide students with the opportunities to develop the skills and character needed to be active and responsible citizens in a global community.

 The Marine Science Magnet High School community has identified the following learning expectations for all students:

 Academic Competencies:

1.      Read and write effectively for a variety of purposes;

2.      Speak effectively with a variety of audiences in an accountable manner;

3.      Employ mathematical problem-solving skills effectively;

4.      Apply scientific knowledge and concepts to a variety of investigative tasks;

5.      Demonstrate an understanding of the essential concepts within the field of marine science;

6.      Use technology responsibly to create, research, synthesize, and communicate information fluently;

7.      Make decisions and solve problems in independent and collaborative settings;

 Civic and Social Competencies:

8.      Take responsibility for his/her own learning and behavior;

9.      Value human, cultural, and natural diversity;

10.  Meet their civic responsibilities to society and the natural environment.

  About The School  

Culture and Climate of MSMHS

Before the opening of MSMHS, Dr. Spera delivered professional development to all of the faculty and staff regarding the importance of creating a positive atmosphere with all MSMHS stakeholders. Collectively the faculty and staff created the following culture and climate statement.

MSMHS is a safe, respectful and nurturing environment where our professional learning community is committed to 21st century instruction that promotes effort and academic rigor by celebrating diversity and believing, with the collaboration of stakeholders, that all students will succeed.

MSMHS Vision and Design

The Marine Science Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut (MSMHS) envisions a learning community characterized by high expectations for all its members, the development of human potential within a lifelong learning paradigm, respect for human and cultural diversity, and reverence for the natural environment. Operated by LEARN as an on-going partnership among educators, industry and other community agencies, MSMHS provides a core curriculum and related activities which focus on marine subjects and are reflective of current and future marine-related opportunities. MSMHS is uniquely designed to equip students with both practical skills and theoretical knowledge because it combines a number of powerful attributes in the fulfillment of its mission: a marine studies immersion component, salt water access, field work and internship experiences, a powerful academic sciences component, and access to both career-bound and college-bound preparation. A schedule of alternate Land Days and Sea Days was designed to meet the distinctive curriculum design of MSMHS. 

History of MSMHS

In the 1970s, Connecticut’s State Board of Education (CSDE) authorized the development of four regional marine high schools in the state. Two such schools have been built: New Haven’s Sound School in 1980 and Bridgeport’s Aquaculture School in 1993.

In 1998, three school districts in southeastern Connecticut proposed other aquaculture schools. Then-Commissioner Ted Sergi requested that the three districts work together with LEARN, the Regional Educational Service Center (RESC) for southeastern Connecticut, to submit one proposal. An additional district came on board in 1999, and the four districts worked collaboratively with LEARN to develop a proposal. A Magnet School Operations Plan was submitted in December of 2000; a final revision was submitted to SDE in May of 2001 that included a full day curriculum.

The Governance Committee of the Marine Science High School of Southeastern Connecticut began in 2000 to diligently research sites for the new school. Through working with community leaders and the Town of Groton, a site for the Marine Science Magnet High School was established at 130 Shennecossett Road in Groton. The newly constructed school opened its doors on September 1, 2011.